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Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro
The paper trail

Installation view of Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro My favourite things 2007, Trailer of death (black) 2007, The process 2007 from The paper trail 2007. All works courtesy and copyright of the artists and Gallery Barry Keldoulis.

AGNSW Contemporary Project

Sydney artists Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro make site-specific installations which often explore the ideas of the home and permanency. For this project the artists use a Ger, a Mongolian tent, filled with archive boxes, and a trailer stacked with mirrored Perspex and wooden sculptures.

The Mongol Empire was the largest continuous empire in the world and it grew from a nomadic roaming culture – epitomised by the ger as an impermanent mobile home – to a powerful global economy. To achieve maximum circulation they relied heavily on paper to disseminate information.

The paper trail not only references the different ways paper can represent the distribution of knowledge in past and present cultures, it also explores the link between bureaucracies now and then and the evolution of culture. Is there a difference between nomadism and what we now understand as contemporary globalisation?

AGNSW Contemporary Projects are supported by Andrew Cameron.

Principal sponsor
Contemporary art with UBS

16 Aug – 14 Oct 2007

Free admission

Contemporary project space