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Brendan Lee
Two birds with one stone

26 Oct – 6 Dec 2006

In this video installation inspired by movies such as Prisoner, Scum, Stir, Ghost of the civil dead and Chopper, Brendan Lee re-creates a prison meeting room where a barrier separates inmate and visitor.

Dobell Prize for Drawing 2006

29 Sep – 3 Dec 2006

The most respected award for drawing in Australia, the annual Dobell Prize brings the remarkable drawing talents of Australian artists into the public domain.

Notes from the River Caves
Peter Kingston and Martin Sharp

20 Sep – 19 Nov 2006

From the halcyon days of the hippy, anti-establishment era, this exhibition explores the inventive genius of Peter Kingston and Martin Sharp, two key artists of the Yellow House in Sydney.

Shoot the chef! 2006
Sydney Morning Herald photographic competition

30 Sep – 31 Oct 2006

Finalists of Sydney Morning Herald Shoot the chef! photographic competition are exhibited at the Gallery as part of Good Food Month this October.

sculptures, prints and drawings from the Maeght Foundation

18 Aug – 29 Oct 2006

This exhibition brings to Australia, for the first time, sculptures, prints and drawings by Alberto Giacometti drawn from the collection of the Marguerite and Aimé Maeght Foundation, France.

Art of music

7 Oct – 23 Oct 2006

In a unique fundraising event, this exhibition brings together great artists and the songwriters whose songs have been chosen as inspiration.

Zen mind, Zen brush
Japanese ink paintings from the Gitter-Yelen Collection

17 Jun – 24 Sep 2006

Works by the greatest Zen masters of the last three centuries, drawn from the remarkable private collection of Dr Kurt A Gitter and Alice Rae Yelen.

Frank Hodgkinson
European sketchbook drawings

19 Jul – 17 Sep 2006

Sketchbook drawings by Hodgkinson which document his travels in Europe following WW2, including images of Italy (in particular Florence), Paris and England.

Adventures with form in space
Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Project 2006

9 Aug – 13 Sep 2006

Considers the inventive ways in which contemporary artists use form, colour and space in sculpture.

Lewis Morley
50 years of photography

5 Jul – 10 Sep 2006

One of the most significant photographic voices of the 1960s, Lewis Morley’s work covers a range of the photography from portraiture to theatre, reportage to fashion.

Biennale of Sydney 2006
Zones of contact

8 Jun – 27 Aug 2006

The exhibition at the Gallery includes some of the 80 artists from 40 countries around the world who form part of this international festival of contemporary art, including Ai Wei Wei and Fiona Tan.

Old Europe
prints and drawings from the collection 1500-1800

3 Jun – 6 Aug 2006

Tells the unfolding story of the graphic arts in Europe, from the time of Mantegna and the master printmakers of the Italian Renaissance up to the 18th century.

images from the collection

17 May – 16 Jul 2006

Works from the Australian collection on the theme of waterfalls, including paintings by Eugene von Guérard, Conrad Martens and Fred Williams and a group of spectacular 19th-century photographs.

This prize has been established to promote contemporary portrait photography and excellence in all forms of still photo-based art.

This annual exhibition is one of the most popular in Australia and often one of its most controversial.

Symbols and ceremonies
Indonesian textile traditions

13 Apr – 28 May 2006

This exhibition presents examples of lavish court textiles from Java, boldly designed warrior cloths from Sumba, narrative paintings of the Ramayana epic from Bali and ship cloths from Sumatra.

Constanze Zikos
Fit for flogging

13 Apr – 21 May 2006

An installation of wall pieces that allude to everyday architecture – sidewalks, elevators, subways, patterns – within the gallery space.

Renaissance to contemporary

17 Feb – 14 May 2006

This exhibition brings together painted self-portraits by some of the world’s greatest artists from the mid 16th century to the beginning of the 21st century.

Theo Scarf
Night in a city

5 Apr – 14 May 2006

An exhibition that displays Scharf’s best-remembered work, Night in a city, a portfolio of 20 etchings depicting a city from early evening to dawn.

contemporary lacquer master

26 Jan – 23 Apr 2006

Kitamura Tatsuo, working under the art name Unryuan, is one of Japan’s leading contemporary lacquer artists. His work displays an astonishing range of styles, impressive imaginative flair and remarkable technical skill.


4 Feb – 9 Apr 2006

A dynamic and popular exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2005.

Magical realism

18 Feb – 2 Apr 2006

An exhibition of photographs blurring the borders between dream and photography. Includes photographs by Robert Ashton, Robert Besanko, Kate Breakey, Ian Dodd and Victoria Fernandez.

David Griggs

16 Feb – 2 Apr 2006

Griggs’ paintings focus on the human condition, engaging with political imagery, underground media, conspiracy theories, local crime histories and personal experiences.

Yukinori Yanagi

17 Feb – 26 Mar 2006

Leading Japanese contemporary artist Yukinori Yanagi uses national symbols to question the politics and ideology of contemporary Japan.

Camille Pissarro
the first Impressionist

19 Nov 2005 – 19 Feb 2006

Regarded as a central Impressionist figure, Pissarro was the only painter of the group who participated in all eight Impressionist exhibitions.

Nora Heysen drawings

21 Dec 2005 – 12 Feb 2006

A display of drawings by Nora Heysen, the first woman to win the Archibald Prize and the first female war artist in Australia.

Saskia Olde Wolbers

15 Dec 2005 – 5 Feb 2006

In Saskia Olde Wolber’s videos, fictional stories in the form of reportage provide the soundtrack while fantastical landscapes or extraordinary interiors provide the visual focus.

Shirin Neshat

16 Dec 2005 – 29 Jan 2006

Iranian-born, New York-based Shirin Neshat is known for her video installations and photographs which explore immigrant experiences and dramatically confront the stereotypes of Muslim women.

Points of view
Australian photography 1985-95

19 Nov 2005 – 29 Jan 2006

A survey of Australian photography from 1985 to 1995, including works by Rosemary Laing, Robyn Stacey, William Yang and Anne Zahalka, among others.

Grace Cossington Smith

3 Nov 2005 – 15 Jan 2006

This retrospective exhibition traces the artistic development of Grace Cossington Smith, one of Australia’s most significant artists.