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The lost Buddhas
Chinese Buddhist sculpture from Qingzhou

29 Aug – 23 Nov 2008

The discovery of these 6th-century stone Buddhist sculptures at the site of a long-destroyed temple in China is considered an archaeological find on par with the First Emperor’s terracotta warriors.

Tom Arthur
The fertilization of Drako Vülen's cheese pizza

6 Sep – 23 Nov 2008

This extraordinary installation explores states of flux and emergence and the way knowledge is perceived.

Living Black

20 Dec 2007 – 12 Nov 2008

Inspired by the title of the late Kevin Gilbert’s award-winning book, this exhibition from the Gallery’s collection reveals contemporary experiences of living Black in 21st-century Australia

Francis J Mortimer

26 Jul – 9 Nov 2008

The first display of a major gift to the Gallery’s collection from the artist’s daughter, including Dutch scenes, British WWI homefront images and examples of Mortimer’s refined techniques.

Dobell Prize for Drawing 2008

5 Sep – 9 Nov 2008

The most respected award for drawing in Australia, the annual Dobell Prize brings the remarkable drawing talents of Australian artists into the public domain.

the prints of Otto Dix

22 Aug – 26 Oct 2008

Showcases Otto Dix’s war portfolio Der krieg 1924, regarded as one of the great masterpieces of 20th-century printmaking.

Kate Beynon
Auspicious Charms for Transcultural Living

7 Aug – 26 Oct 2008

Melbourne-based artist Kate Beynon presents a new series of paintings in which she explores ideas of transcultural identity and the ‘global citizen’.

Operation art 2008

23 Sep – 6 Oct 2008

An annual exhibition of children’s art from schools throughout NSW created for the Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

Biennale of Sydney 2008
Revolutions - forms that turn

18 Jun – 7 Sep 2008

The 2008 Biennale of Sydney, under the artistic direction of internationally renowned curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, investigates revolutions – forms that turn.

Judy Cassab
landscapes from the collection

29 May – 31 Aug 2008

It was Judy Cassab’s experience of Central Australia in the late 1950s that first made her feel fully at home in this country after emigrating to Sydney from Europe.

Harold Cazneaux
artist in photography

5 Jun – 10 Aug 2008

Cazneaux was a pioneering photographer whose aesthetic style and impressive output had an indelible impact on the development of photographic history in this country.

Taishô chic
Japanese modernity, nostalgia and deco

22 May – 3 Aug 2008

Explores the impact of the simultaneous clash and embrace of modernity and tradition on arts and design in Japan of the Greater Taisho period (1900–1930).

Bill Viola: The Tristan Project
The Fall into Paradise

10 Apr – 27 Jul 2008

Bill Viola is internationally recognised as one of the most important artists working in video today. This work is part of a series inspired by Wagner’s opera Tristan and Isolde.

Adam Cullen
Let's get lost

15 May – 27 Jul 2008

Adam Cullen is a unique figure in contemporary Australian art. His often satirical works are a form of social allegory, a confronting and incisive view of contemporary life.

Ghosts in the machine
anonymous photographs

10 Apr – 16 Jul 2008

The most prolific and the most eclectic artists of the 20th century are unknown photographers. This exhibition draws from a number of collections of discarded amateur photographs.

Charles Bayliss
landscape photographer

9 Feb – 25 May 2008

Renowned for his pioneering work in panoramic and landscape photography, Charles Bayliss is considered a leading figure in Australia’s photographic heritage.

Jan Senbergs
from screenprinter to painter

5 Apr – 25 May 2008

A selection of Jan Senbergs’ screenprints which reflect his fascination with technology and help trace his evolution into a remarkable, idiosyncratic and admired draughtsman and painter.

This annual exhibition is one of the most popular in Australia and often one of its most controversial.

Intimate encounters
Indian paintings from Australian collections

22 Feb – 4 May 2008

Drawing from collections throughout Australia, both public and private, this exhibition surveys the major schools of Indian painting, highlighting the rich interactions that inspired each tradition.

Michael Riley
sights unseen

22 Feb – 27 Apr 2008

Reveals the prolific talents of a quiet observer whose photomedia continues to have a profound effect on Australia’s contemporary representation and comprehension of Indigenous Australia.


2 Feb – 30 Mar 2008

A dynamic and popular exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2007.

Scott Redford
Blood disco

13 Dec 2007 – 24 Mar 2008

Queensland artist Scott Redford drags art history into popular culture, using the materials that create surfboards he produces monochromatic paintings, some embellished with images.

Yasumasa Morimura
Seasons of Passion / A Requiem: Mishima

27 Nov 2007 – 9 Mar 2008

In these photographs and DVD Morimura recreates memorable postwar incidents as reported through press photography, playing all the roles himself in each restaged event.

Mountains and streams
Chinese paintings from the NGV collection

29 Nov 2007 – 10 Feb 2008

A National Gallery of Victoria touring exhibition drawing upon material from the NGV’s important collection of Asian art, in particular Chinese paintings.

Sidney Nolan

2 Nov 2007 – 3 Feb 2008

The first major retrospective of Nolan’s work since his death in 1992 presents a selection of his most important masterpieces of landscape, Ned Kelly and other themes of Australian and European history.

Extraordinary images of ordinary people
the photographs of August Sander

17 Nov 2007 – 3 Feb 2008

August Sander (1876-1964) is one of the 20th century’s greatest photographers. His life’s work was producing an 'atlas’ documenting contemporary German people.

Indigenous connections: Sidney Nolan's Rite of Spring
photographs by Alex Poignant

2 Nov 2007 – 3 Feb 2008

This display celebrates the anniversary of the London premiere of the Royal Ballet’s Rite of spring with a selection of photographs taken by Axel Poignant during rehearsals.

Kitty Kantilla

7 Dec 2007 – 20 Jan 2008

A major retrospective from the National Gallery of Victoria pays tribute to the renowned Tiwi artist Kitty Kantilla (Kutuwalumi Purawarrumpatu).