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17th annual exhibition of the Australian Bookbinders

Tue–Sat only 20 Nov – 13 Dec 2014

Research library and archive

Special hours

This exhibition of the Australian Bookbinders focuses on contemporary practice in the art form known as design binding. On display are 28 books with unique bindings created by members of the guild.

My trip
Micky Allan, Max Pam, Jon Rhodes

27 Sep – 7 Dec 2014

Explores the connections and disjunctions of travelling in ‘strange lands’ and recording photographically what is thought, seen and experienced.

Reko Rennie
No sleep till Dreamtime

28 Jun – 30 Nov 2014

Reko Rennie’s art explores issues of Aboriginal identity within an urban environment. This work takes its cue from the Beastie Boys single 'No sleep till Brooklyn’.

Balnaves Foundation Australian Sculpture Archive

Tue–Sat only 29 Oct – 15 Nov 2014

Research library and archive

Special hours

Showcases some of the objects, maquettes, photographs, notebooks, sketchbooks and correspondence that have been acquired for the Balnaves Foundation Australian Sculpture Archive.

A rare chance to see outstanding works by masters such as Mantegna, Rembrandt, Watteau, Gainsborough, Goya, Constable, Blake, Ingres, Delacroix, Manet, Cézanne, Degas and Klimt.

Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship 2014

5 Sep – 26 Oct 2014

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

A small selection of works from this year’s scholarship winner and finalists.

Brett Whiteley

23 May – 26 Oct 2014

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

Portraiture for Whiteley was an insight into the psychology of the human condition. This exhibition includes some of his acclaimed self-portraits as well as his most ambitious portrait project.


28 Feb – 29 Sep 2014

Eleven vibrant abstract paintings from the Gallery’s collection

The lost prince and the winter queen
royal portraits from the National Portrait Gallery, London

3 Jul – 28 Sep 2014

Two exceptional 17th-century portraits of royals Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales and Elizabeth of Bohemia, children of James I, by the remarkable Jacobean portrait painter Robert Peake the Elder.

The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes is an annual exhibition eagerly anticipated by artists and audiences alike.

Nike Savvas

18 Mar – 21 Sep 2014

Renowned for her physically immersive and optically dazzling installations, Sydney artist Nike Savvas energises the Gallery’s 'main street’ with a newly commissioned installation.

Theatre of dreams, theatre of play
nō and kyōgen in Japan

14 Jun – 14 Sep 2014
(See exhibition page for exact dates)

Delve into the legend and dramatic wonder of Japan’s oldest theatre tradition with exquisite masks, costumes, instruments and paintings.

Max Dupain
the Paris 'private' series and other pictures

24 May – 31 Aug 2014

Includes transcendent photographs of 18th- to 19th-century Parisian landmarks taken by Max Dupain when he travelled to Paris in 1978 with architect Harry Seidler, alongside his botanical and other architectural photographs.

Tony Garifalakis
Mob rule

12 Jun – 21 Aug 2014

Tony Garifalakis is an artist whose work investigates political, social and religious systems of belief while questioning mechanisms of surveillance, compliance and control.

Tom Nicholson
Cartoons for Joseph Selleny

22 May – 10 Aug 2014

Recalls the remarkable stay of the Austrian imperial frigate Novara that sailed to Sydney in late 1858, in a series of large-scale drawings alongside texts, letters and an artist book.

Plumes and pearlshells
art of the New Guinea highlands

30 May – 10 Aug 2014

Highlights from the Gallery’s collection of exquisitely constructed headdresses, arm- and leg-bands, ear- and nose-rings and necklaces as well as other superb pieces used in rituals, for war and in everyday life.

Sol LeWitt
Your mind is exactly at that line

20 Feb – 3 Aug 2014

Showcases 40 years of work from a pioneer of conceptual art and one of the most influential artists of the second half of the 20th century.

In the flesh
Picasso, Bacon, Freud, Soutine

12 Apr – 22 Jun 2014

Six remarkable paintings from the Lewis Collection, produced by four of the most audacious figurative painters of the past century.

hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul

7 Mar – 15 Jun 2014

Over 1.7 million people worldwide have seen this incredible story of courage involving priceless ancient artefacts which have survived war, looting and a Taliban decree to destroy all images.

19th Biennale of Sydney
You Imagine What You Desire

21 Mar – 9 Jun 2014

Australia’s largest and most exciting contemporary visual arts festival celebrates the artistic imagination as a spirited exploration of the world.

The hills beyond Hermannsburg

22 Mar – 2 Jun 2014

Explores the extraordinary landscape paintings of central Australia by Aboriginal artists in the Gallery’s collection.

Khadim Ali
The haunted lotus

6 Mar – 1 Jun 2014

Considers familial ties, the Hazara people and culture, and the emergence of a lawless society in Afghanistan, as well as the construction of morality and ethnic, racial and religious fanaticism.

Brett Whiteley

4 Oct 2013 – 18 May 2014

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

Whiteley redefined the way we see the Australian landscape, becoming one of our most celebrated 20th-century painters with his interpretations and moods of the countryside.

Australian vernacular photography

8 Feb – 18 May 2014

Looks at 16 photographers from the 1960s to the 2000s to consider their various approaches to the depiction of modern Australian life.


12 Mar – 11 May 2014

A dynamic and popular exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2013.

The connoisseur and the philanthropist
30 years of the Sternberg Collection of Chinese Art

31 Jan – 27 Apr 2014

Ceramics, stone and bronze sculptures, textiles and paintings from the Gallery’s collection, acquired through the generosity of benefactors Edward and Goldie Sternberg and their friends.

Soul of simplicity
seven centuries of Korean ceramics

8 Feb 2013 – 21 Apr 2014

Discover the clarity of forms, understated elegance of decoration and subtlety of colour in these exquisite objects from the world’s most outstanding collections of Korean ceramics.

Still life

27 Jul 2013 – 23 Mar 2014

Featuring some of Australia’s most famous and popular artists, this exhibition of 25 works from the Gallery’s collection charts the continuous development of the still life in Australian art.


16 Nov 2013 – 16 Mar 2014

This immersive installation, created with paper, light, sound and performance, explores ideas of home and housing, culture and community.

Yirrkala drawings

12 Dec 2013 – 23 Feb 2014

Vibrant crayon drawings, produced by senior ceremonial leaders at Yirrkala in Arhnem Land in 1946-47, are displayed for the first time alongside the work of their descendants in this important exhibition.

Tino Sehgal
This is so contemporary

6 Feb – 23 Feb 2014

Tino Sehgal is known for his innovative works that consist purely of live encounters between people in museums. This 29th Kaldor Public Art Project is presented in association with the Art Gallery of NSW.

painting a nation

8 Nov 2013 – 9 Feb 2014

Spectacular landscapes, epic stories and diverse peoples feature in the most expansive historical survey of American art ever presented in Australia, from the colonial era to the mid 20th century.

Joy before the object

28 Sep 2013 – 2 Feb 2014

Explores the nature of the object and the variety of ways in which artists from the 19th century to today have rendered things photographically and shaped our perception of the material world.

Ian Milliss and Lucas Ihlein
The Yeomans Project

28 Nov 2013 – 27 Jan 2014

Based on the figure of Australian farmer and engineer PA Yeomans, this project proposes new, creative and sustainable ways of working with the land.