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14th annual exhibition of the Australian Bookbinders

Tue–Sat only 13 Oct – 2 Dec 2011

Research library and archive

Special hours

On display are 30 books with unique bindings created by 23 artists, ranging from caterpillar with handmade paper covers to plastic, coptic and cane toad ones.

Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship 2011

10 Sep – 27 Nov 2011

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

A small selection of works from this year’s scholarship winner and finalists.

Kathy Temin
My Monument: Black Garden

1 Sep – 20 Nov 2011

This enormous new sculpture, created for the AGNSW Contemporary Projects series, is made up of tree-like forms covered in fake fur.

The mad square
modernity in German art 1910–37

6 Aug – 6 Nov 2011

Over 200 diverse works, including film, theatre, photography, decorative arts and design as well as painting, by leading artists from collections around the world.

Operation art 2011

18 Oct – 23 Oct 2011

An annual exhibition of children’s art from schools throughout NSW created for the Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

Seasons of life

Tue–Sat only 17 Aug – 30 Sep 2011

Research library and archive

Special hours

A collection of artist books by Belinda Brydon, Carma Buesnell, Robbie Cunningham, Ffranses Ingram, Jumaadi, Lia Pielli and Leanne Thompson.

Tracey Moffatt
Up in the sky

21 May – 18 Sep 2011

A photographic series examining the vagaries of outback life from one of Australia’s most successful international artists.

David Aspden
the colour of music and place

28 Jul – 4 Sep 2011

The first in-depth exploration of the work of David Aspden (1935-2005), for whom colour, music and landscape were sustaining inspirations.

The poetry of drawing
Pre-Raphaelite designs, studies and watercolours

18 Jun – 4 Sep 2011

The most comprehensive exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite drawings ever seen in Australia.

Tribute to Margaret Olley

28 Jul – 21 Aug 2011

Margaret Olley’s legacy as an artist, patron and great character of the Australian art world will live on through her paintings, her gifts, and the many people who experienced her extraordinary presence.

Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo

28 May – 14 Aug 2011

This exhibition pays homage to Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo, the charismatic teacher and champion of the Sydney Moderns, whose studio was the hub for Sydney’s avant-garde in the first half of the 20th century.

Sam Smith

21 May – 14 Aug 2011

Shot in Berlin, this video installation presents a curious sequence of events that take place between a film set, a cameraman’s apartment and an artist’s studio.

Eikoh Hosoe
theatre of memory

12 May – 7 Aug 2011

Four seminal series by Eikoh Hosoe, a leading figure in modern Japanese photography.

Unguided tours
Anne Landa Award for video and new media arts 2011

5 May – 10 Jul 2011

From a poetic walk, to a long-distance flight, to a voyage through a digital desert, seven video and new media artists offer ‘unguided tours’ through rich and unexpected worlds.

The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious art awards. JF Archibald’s primary aims were to foster portraiture, support artists and perpetuate the memory of great Australians.

art + soul

28 Aug 2010 – 13 Jun 2011

Drawing on key works from the Gallery’s collection, art + soul reveals the myriad contemporary artistic expressions that evidence the enduring heritage of Indigenous Australia, in all its diversity and complexity.

Photography & place
Australian landscape photography 1970s until now

16 Mar – 29 May 2011

Explores the ways in which Australian photographers from the 1970s until now have approached the idea of place, comparing the politically and conceptually charged Australian landscape photography of the 1970s with more recent experimentations.

Rosemary Madigan, sculptor

15 Jan – 22 May 2011

In the history of white Australian art, there have been few exceptional stone or wood carvers. Rosemary Madigan is one of them, and the female torso is her great forte.

Homage to the ancestors
ritual art from the Chu kingdom

4 Feb – 26 Apr 2011

Stunning objects, around 2500 years old, illuminate the ancient belief in the afterlife and the importance of ritual worship of ancestors to the Chinese state and society.


9 Feb – 10 Apr 2011

A dynamic and popular exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2010.

The First Emperor
China’s entombed warriors

2 Dec 2010 – 13 Mar 2011

Come face to face with the guardian warriors of China’s First Emperor, entombed for over 2000 years.

Justin O'Brien
the sacred music of colour

18 Dec 2010 – 27 Feb 2011

The first major retrospective of Justin O’Brien’s work since 1987 and the first since his death in 1996.

Homage to Rengetsu
Kevin Lincoln and Asian ceramics

27 Oct 2010 – 14 Feb 2011

Paintings, drawings and prints of Asian ceramic objects by Melbourne-based artist, Kevin Lincoln. Lincoln’s works are exhibited among the works from the Gallery’s and his own collections that have inspired him.

Dobell Prize for Drawing 2010

6 Nov 2010 – 30 Jan 2011

The Dobell Prize is the most respected award for drawing in Australia. Initiated by the trustees of the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation, the prize was first awarded in 1993.

Nolan, Boyd, Fairweather, Rees
some recent acquisitions

16 Oct 2010 – 9 Jan 2011

This Focus Room exhibition presents four recently acquired masterpieces by four artists who, each in their own way, have defined certain boundaries and aspirations of modern Australian painting.

The Indian empire
multiple realities

19 Aug 2010 – 3 Jan 2011

Introducing the competing narratives that emerged following the first European encounters with India, from images of the India of the European imagination to images created under the patronage of foreigners.