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John Russell
Australia’s French impressionist

21 Jul – 11 Nov 2018

Discover the Sydney artist at the heart of impressionism, who was a close friend of Van Gogh and Rodin, dined with Monet and taught Matisse.


23 Jun – 28 Oct 2018

Fantasy, dark humour and a strong sense of theatre characterise this display of works from the Gallery’s collection.

Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2018

7 Jul – 21 Oct 2018

Presents new work by Australian artists that find a connection between drawing and the moving image.

Anne Dangar
ceramics from Moly-Sabata

11 Aug – 21 Oct 2018

A display of the Gallery’s major new acquisitions from this much-admired Australian modernist painter and potter.

Spacemakers and roomshakers
installations from the collection

14 Jul – 21 Oct 2018

Become a ‘space explorer’ and experience some of the most immersive and expansive artworks in the Gallery’s collection.

Brett Whiteley
pathways to figuration

31 Mar – Oct 2018

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

Rarely seen paintings and works on paper from his formative years chart Brett Whiteley’s journey to figuration through abstraction.

Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship 2018

7 Sep – 7 Oct 2018

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

Begun in 1999, this scholarship for young Australian painters is now in its 20th year. Its inspiration was the profound effect international travel and study had on the artist Brett Whiteley.

Henry VR

12 May – 9 Sep 2018

Journey deep inside a Tudor painting to explore the hidden life of a king’s portrait, and the workshop of the artists who created it.

The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes is an annual exhibition eagerly anticipated by artists and audiences alike.


9 Sep 2017 – 12 Aug 2018

A display of contemporary abstract paintings from the Gallery’s collection, focusing on unconventional and experimental approaches to the age-old discipline of painting.

Hold still
the photographic performance

12 May – 29 Jul 2018

Drawn from the Gallery’s collection, this exhibition examines the way a camera turns any subject into a performer and any scenario into a theatrical act.

Adrienne Doig
from the archive

Tue–Sat only 3 Apr – 14 Jul 2018

Research library and archive

Special hours

Inspired by The lady and the unicorn tapestry series, an Australian artist in Paris created unique tapestry works featuring Australian animals in European landscapes.

The lady and the unicorn

10 Feb – 24 Jun 2018

A rare opportunity to experience the beauty, scale and intricacy of a masterpiece of medieval French art that has captivated viewers across the centuries.

21st Biennale of Sydney
Superposition: equilibrium and engagement

16 Mar – 11 Jun 2018

The latest edition of this much-anticipated major contemporary art event examines the quantum mechanical theory of superposition by investigating how it might operate in the world today.

Ewa Pachucka
Arcadia: landscape and bodies

3 Mar – 29 Apr 2018

The rock forms, female figures and animals in this monumental work from the 1970s have been crocheted from natural and synthetic fibres.


26 Jan – 25 Apr 2018

This dynamic and popular exhibition features a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts 2017.

Brett Whiteley

24 Nov 2017 – 25 Mar 2018

Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Special hours

From Bondi to Byron Bay, the beach was an ideal location for Brett Whiteley to stage his extraordinary figures interacting with each other, the sand and sea.

Robert Mapplethorpe
the perfect medium

27 Oct 2017 – 4 Mar 2018

A comprehensive survey that celebrates one of the most renowned photographers of the 20th century, an artist who understood the medium’s ability to alter perceptions and push boundaries.

Rembrandt and the Dutch golden age
masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum

11 Nov 2017 – 18 Feb 2018

Immerse yourself in outstanding works of art by the greatest Dutch painters of the 17th century, including Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Janet Laurence
The matter of the masters

11 Nov 2017 – 18 Feb 2018

Recalling a wondrous ‘cabinet of curiosities’, this display explores a fascinating intersection of art, science and nature in the work of Rembrandt and other Dutch masters.

Something living

19 Aug 2017 – 11 Feb 2018

Reveals the defiant energy and strange vitality of contemporary figurative painting, with subjects including sex, food, family life, combat and the self.

Out of the ordinary
works from the ARTAND Emerging Artist Collection

26 Aug 2017 – 11 Feb 2018

Presents works by Australian and New Zealand contemporary artists who engage with a diverse range of materials in surprising and transformative ways.

Pat Brassington
the body electric

16 Aug 2017 – 11 Feb 2018

Drawn from the Gallery’s collection, this exhibition showcases the work of one of Australia’s most significant contemporary artists and traces her interest in the body as a fluid and flexible form.

Mikala Dwyer
a shape of thought

26 Aug 2017 – 4 Feb 2018

New and recent work from one of Australia’s most inventive artists, including an elaborate suspended sculpture and spectacular levitating balloon work.

Glen Mackie and Daniel O’Shane

28 Oct 2017 – 28 Jan 2018

A celebration of the work of two artists from the Torres Strait Islands, showcasing the unique form of printmaking that is now synonymous with the region.

Passion and procession
art of the Philippines

24 Jun 2017 – 7 Jan 2018

Installations, videos, sculptures and paintings celebrating the diverse and vibrant contemporary art of the Philippines.