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Henry VR

Anglo-Netherlandish workshop King Henry VIII c1535–c1540 (left) and with insert of false colour synchrotron-sourced X-ray fluorescence data map (right), Art Gallery of New South Wales

Journey deep inside a Tudor painting to explore the hidden life of a king’s portrait, and the workshop of the artists who created it.

After a detailed technical study and extensive conservation treatment, the Gallery’s 16th-century portrait of Henry VIII will be shown for the first time in decades, returning to star in a ground-breaking virtual-reality display in the heart of our European galleries.

A network of information has been visualised so that you can investigate Henry’s world. Through the wonders of particle accelerators and scanning electron microscopes, virtual objects and elemental maps, the painting’s materials start to reveal the artwork’s social and historical context, allowing unprecedented insights into a work that emerged at the very birth of modern portrait painting.

12 May – 9 Sep 2018

Free admission

Due to anticipated demand, please arrive early to book a timed session at the exhibition entrance