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Eko Nugroho
Lot lost

Left to right: Eko Nugroho Negeri Kaya Fatwa 2013 and Mayoritas Dihalalkan Minoritas Diharamkan 2013 from the installation Lot lost 2013-15, purchased with funds provided by the Neilson Foundation and Dr Dick Quan 2015 © Eko Nugroho

With its distinctive fusion of styles and influences, the art of Eko Nugroho defies categorisation.

Working across drawing, painting, sculpture, animation and embroidery, this acclaimed Indonesian artist draws inspiration from Javanese traditions such as wayang theatre and batik, as well as street art, science fiction, comic books and other forms of popular culture.

His immersive installation Lot lost 2013-15 takes us to the streets of Yogyakarta, the artistic and revolutionary capital of Indonesia where Nugroho has been based for the past two decades. The work presents a finely attuned, darkly humoured and – as always – wildly imaginative look at everyday life and politics in Indonesia.

Belonging to the generation of Indonesian contemporary artists that emerged during a period of great political upheaval and reform in the late 1990s, Nugroho is deeply engaged with his local community yet unabashed in his global outlook. Lot lost not only reflects the scope of Nugroho’s practice and his playful experimentation, but also his daring attitude towards rethinking Indonesian cultural identity within a contemporary context.

Accompanying the installation is a collection of zines that Nugroho has independently published since 2000 to provide an alternative, accessible platform for young artists and students to share their work. In the pages of the early zines, we are introduced to the unique imagery that now abounds in all aspects of Nugroho’s work.

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25 Jun 2016 – 19 Feb 2017

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