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The space between us
Anne Landa Award for video and new media arts 2013

jpg Kate Mitchell Lucky break, 2013 (detail)

jpg James Newitt Say it like you want it, 2012 (detail)

jpg Lauren Brincat Mexican Standoff, 2012 (detail)

jpg Laresa Kosloff Eternal situation, 2013 (detail)

jpg Angelica Mesiti Citizens Band, 2012 (detail)

jpg Alicia Frankovich The Opportune Spectator, 2012

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Video meets performance art on an unconventional journey

Performance art has seen a resurgence in recent years, stemming from a desire to question art’s ability to affect audiences and test established exhibition and viewing habits.

The space between us explores the relation between video and performance art through the work of seven talented emerging artists, connected by their interest in the artist as performer or as creator/director of performances, and the viewer’s role as an active participant.

Visit the Gallery during the exhibition and expect the unexpected. Alongside the display of video works from the artists, tambourine players, women on horseback and surprise encounters are all part of the live artists performances designed to challenge our notions of what art is.

The fifth in the series of biennial Anne Landa Award exhibitions, this year’s edition is guest-curated by Charlotte Day, director, Monash University Museum of Art, and features work from Lauren Brincat, Alicia Frankovich, Laresa Kosloff, Angelica Mesiti, Kate Mitchell, James Newitt and Christian Thompson.

All artists are eligible for the acquisitive award of $25,000, which sees the winning work enter the Gallery’s collection. This year’s winner is Angelica Mesiti for her work Citizens Band.

Go deeper…

The exhibition is accompanied by a digital publication featuring artist interviews, video and texts for a richer, immersive experience.

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16 May – 28 Jul 2013

Free admission

Temporary exhibitions gallery