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Brendan Lee
Two birds with one stone

Brendan Lee Two birds with one stone 2006

AGNSW Contemporary Project

Melbourne artist Brendan Lee works in the medium of video installation. In this exhibition he re-creates the prison meeting room where a barrier separates inmate and visitor. Filmed in a menacing blue hue, two prison inmates, named Scum Nuts and Pig Killer, speak in aggressive tones, their actions embellished by a vibrating seat.

Created in the Australian prison genre, Lee takes his inspiration from movies such as Prisoner, Scum, Stir, Ghost of the civil dead and Chopper. He considers the language of film, why we are no longer shocked by violence and how easily we can be seduced by imagery.

AGNSW Contemporary Projects are supported by Andrew Cameron.

Principal sponsor
Contemporary art with UBS

26 Oct – 6 Dec 2006

Free admission

Contemporary project space