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art + soul

Left to right: Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles Tjapaltjarri Kaliangku (2005), Mollie Gowing Acquisition Fund for Contemporary Aboriginal Art 2005; Ricky Maynard Broken heart, from the series 'Portrait of a distant land’ 2005 (printed 2009) Purchased with funds provided by the Aboriginal Collection Benefactors’ Group and the Photography Collection Benefactors’ Program 2009, © Ricky Maynard. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney; Patrick Mung Mung Ngarrgoorroon country 2006, Purchased with funds provided by Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University 2006, © Patrick Mung Mung, courtesy Warmun Art Centre

art + soul explores the diversity of Indigenous culture through three themes: ‘home and away’, ‘dreams and nightmares’ and ‘bitter and sweet’. Drawing on key works from the Gallery’s collection, it reveals the myriad contemporary artistic expressions that evidence the enduring heritage of Indigenous Australia, in all its diversity and complexity.

This exhibition highlights the artists and art featured in the groundbreaking three-part documentary series art + soul on ABC Television from 7 October 2010.

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Qantas Airways Limited

28 Aug 2010 – 13 Jun 2011

Free admission

Yiribana Gallery