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Seasons of life

Leanne Thompson, Burn 2009 (detail), mixed media on paper, 24.0 × 15.5 cm © Leanne Thompson

In 2008 a group of artists, who had initially met at a master’s class in drawing organised by the National Art School in Sydney, decided to work together to produce a series of artist books based upon a common theme. They chose the theme of the seven ‘seasons of life’: rain, flower, gather, burn, grieve, rest and dance. These seasons, in contrast to the conventional four seasons of nature, were a mixture of objects, states and activities which symbolised the various changes each artist had experienced in their lives. They were selected because they were broad enough to be common to all and yet at the same time intimate in detail.

The seven artists who participated in this project — Belinda Brydon, Carma Buesnell, Robbie Cunningham, Ffranses Ingram, Jumaadi (the teacher of the master class), Lia Pielli and Leanne Thompson — found the experience of working together an enriching one and wanted to continue their association. Life and work commitments, however, encouraged them to think of a way in which they could continue to work together whilst not being required to meet up in one place. The artist book provided the solution.

This exhibition includes the seven books that the artists eventually produced for the project: each book made by a different artist, but containing an artwork by each of the seven artists involved.

17 Aug – 30 Sep 2011

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