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The connoisseur and the philanthropist
30 years of the Sternberg Collection of Chinese Art

Jingdezhen ware Dish with gardenia spray design 1488-1505

A fine display of ceramics, stone and bronze sculptures, textiles and paintings from the Gallery’s collection, acquired through the generosity of benefactors Edward and Goldie Sternberg and their friends.

After falling in love with Chinese art in the 1950s, Goldie Sternberg started donating works to the Art Gallery of NSW in the 1980s. In 1989, her husband, Edward Sternberg, proposed providing funds for the Gallery to invest, with the income used to buy Chinese art.

Since then, over 30 artworks have been either gifted to the Gallery by the Sternbergs and friends inspired by their philanthropic spirit, or purchased with the Edward and Goldie Sternberg Chinese Art Purchase Fund.

Covering a wide range of artistic styles from the 1st century (Han Dynasty, 206 BCE -220 CE) to modern times, they help to enrich our understanding and appreciation of the continuity and diversity of Chinese civilisation.

The Chinese Spring Festival provides an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the 'harvest’ of hard work and to plan for the future, so no time is better to celebrate the significant contribution the fund has made in growing the Gallery‚Äôs impressive Chinese collection.

31 Jan – 27 Apr 2014

Free admission

Lower Asian gallery