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Australian art

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Woman in bath

re-worked 1964


Brett Whiteley

Australia, England

07 Apr 1939 - 15 Jun 1992


Following his Sigean abstractions, Whiteley's increasing preoccupation with the female torso led to his bathroom series which preserved the warm colours of his abstractions while constrasting them with the bathroom's acid blues and greens. The series signalled his breakthrough as a figure draughtsman and his desire to make eroticism more explicit:

'All the paintings I have made in the last four years have been concerned one way or another with sex and the desire to record sensual behaviour.'
- Brett Whiteley 1964

Focusing on the naked form of his wife Wendy in the bath, Whiteley's Woman in bath series, captured the tactility and tones of her flesh with a profound intimacy, rarely equalled in later paintings on this subject.

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Other Titles

Woman in the Bath 4

Woman in bath IV

Woman in the bath 4


re-worked 1964

Media category


Materials used

oil, paper, fabric collage, graphite and tempera on plywood


183.1 x 218.7 cm board; 188.0 x 224.0 x 6.3 cm frame

Signature & date

Signed l.l., white oil "Whiteley". Not dated.


Purchased with funds provided by the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales 2000

Accession number


Artist information

Brett Whiteley

Artist profile

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Shown in 14 exhibitions

Exhibition history

Referenced in 27 publications


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