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Information on works you own

The Gallery provides a free information service to members of the public.

Appraisals, authentications and valuations of artworks are NOT available through the Gallery.

Visit the library to do research

The library and archive staff may be able to help you find information about your artwork. Research can be conducted to locate biographical information, auction results, history of ownership (if recorded) or other relevant information if available.

About our free online service

Limited to researchers living OUTSIDE the Sydney metropolitan area for UP TO THREE works.

Note: After 14 December 2018, the library will be closed for the holidays. On 5 February 2019, we’ll resume processing enquiries submitted during this period, in order of receipt.

Other researchers should not use this form but instead visit the Gallery to conduct research in person.

Library staff answer enquiries in order of receipt and aim to respond within 15 business days.

Provide as much information as you know.

For example, when requesting information on an artist or an artwork, include:

  • artist’s full name and nationality
  • date/title/dimensions/medium (eg oil, bronze sculpture) and/or description (eg abstract, beach scene) of the work
  • how the work was acquired
  • additional information from labels, frame, backing board etc

Upload up to six images (if appropriate).

For artworks, include an image of the work, a close up of the artist’s signature and any labels or marks on the front or back of the work.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.













Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Looking for a valuer or conservator?

The Gallery is not able to provide appraisals, authentications or valuations of works of art or opinions on their merit, or to give conservation advice to individuals.

A list of licensed valuers is available on the Australian Government website for the Cultural Gifts Program.

A directory of conservators in private practice is available on the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) website.

Library and archive

Holiday closure
Last day open in 2018: 14 December
Re-opens in 2019: 5 February

Open to the public
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am–4pm
Wednesday 10am–6.30pm
Saturday 12-4pm
No appointment necessary
Conditions apply to accessing archive

Physical access to the library and archive for those who cannot use the stairs can be arranged with prior notice (preferably one working day): tel 02 9225 1738. Visitors with disabilities may wish to contact the Gallery’s access coordinator: tel 02 9225 1647.

Contact the library and archive

Tel 02 9225 1785