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Graham Fransella

River track
Further information

My painting River track is a distillation of my experiences flying over the Northern Territory viewing river paths in the landscape and from a recent trip to the Kimberleys after the extreme floods in 2011. The landscape had been subjected to raging torrents of water, which had pulled up trees, moved boulders and rerouted the riverbeds.

From this experience and memories, I arrived at the bare bones of the image. The execution of the painting is where the making really happens. I use the tools of spontaneity, accident, chance and improvisation. Watercolour is an ideal medium for this as it dries quickly, can be applied quickly and has a fresh, lively, colourful feel. It doesn’t benefit from overwork so one mark is usually enough. Consequently you accept and deal with decisions, mistakes and accidents.

Graham Fransella, 2012