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Pam Tippett

Self-portrait (for a change)
oil on canvas
60 x 60cm
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The title of Pam Tippett’s self-portrait is both literal and ironic. ‘It’s the first portrait I’ve done in six years, so it is a change,’ says the artist, who is best known for her still-life paintings. ‘But it’s ironic as well because when I do paint a portrait, it’s usually a self-portrait – I’m always available, I don’t get bored or need to flatter myself.’

Tippett painted it using a mirror. ‘It was pretty straight-forward,’ she says. ‘The paintings on the shelf in the background are still-lifes I was working on at the time for my next exhibition in Melbourne in May.’ As for the green jacket, ‘it was just what I had on at the time!

‘My usual work is very detailed,’ says Tippett. ‘I wanted to do something different with this so it’s a less detailed painting. It may not look it to most people but for me it is a relatively loose painting.’