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Across the black soil plains



George W Lambert

Russia, Australia

1873 - 1930


Inspired by his experiences as a youth in the bush near Warren, NSW, George W Lambert began this ambitious work at the age of 26, while living with his mother at Hornsby. He worked in a small shed in the garden, and had to position the painting diagonally across it, even then unable to stretch the canvas to its full extent.

The painting was enthusiastically received as a heroic portrayal of bush life, displaying Lambert's innate skill at draughtsmanship. It was awarded the Wynne Prize for landscape painting for 1899, and the following year Lambert left for London with the first New South Wales Society of Artists Travelling Scholarship.

This work was acquired by the Gallery in 1899.


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Place where the work was made

Hornsby Sydney New South Wales Australia



Media category


Materials used

oil on canvas


91.6 x 305.5 cm stretcher; 139.5 x 355.0 x 10.5 cm frame

Signature & date

Signed and dated l.r., "Geo. W. Lambert 1899".


Purchased 1899

Accession number


Wynne Prize

Winner - 1899

Artist information

George W Lambert

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Shown in 12 exhibitions

Exhibition history

Referenced in 62 publications


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