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Australian art

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Self portrait



Sidney Nolan

Australia, England

22 Apr 1917 - 28 Nov 1992


From the outset of his career in Melbourne, Sidney Nolan stood out as a highly original artist. He painted 'Self portrait' at the age of 26, during his military service in the Wimmera district of north-west Victoria. It embodies many of his
preoccupations at the time, including his interest in the landscape as subject.

Nolan's imagery recalled the mask-like faces painted by so-called 'haptic' children in Viktor Lowenfeld's book 'The nature of creative activity', which he and other artists were reading at that time. Another source may be indicated in a letter
Nolan wrote to his patron and muse, Sunday Reed, in 1944, in which he admires Picasso's use of African cicatrisation or scarification and Maori markings in portraits. Selective distortion, exaggeration and the visual impact of pure, bold primary colours express Nolan's feelings about his surroundings; however, the image is tempered by the lyrical passages depicting the vast Wimmera landscape.


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Violence and sunlight: the art of Sidney Nolan

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Place where the work was made

Dimboola Victoria Australia



Media category


Materials used

Ripolin enamel on hessian sacking


61.0 x 52.0 cm stretcher; 72.0 x 62.9 x 5.0 cm frame

Signature & date

Signed and dated l.l., blue ball-point pen onto dry paint film "N ["N" backwards] March 43".
Signed and dated centre verso, brown crayon "... / Nolan ["N" backwards]/ March 1943".
Signed and dated verso on strainer right member, pencil "12/6/43 Nolan".


Purchased with funds provided by the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales 1997

Accession number


Artist information

Sidney Nolan

Artist profile

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Where the work was made

Shown in 14 exhibitions

Exhibition history

Referenced in 53 publications


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