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Angus McDonald

Tethered by fears propelled by dreams
oil on canvas
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I’ve been painting and drawing bulls for 15 years and they are one of the continuous subjects in my work. They are physically beautiful to draw and paint but it is their nature that attracts me as well. After all this time observing and realising them, bulls have become mythological to me.

This painting refers to the fact we’re all tethered by fears that hold us back, that make us doubt our resolve or ability to pursue those things, which will make us happy in the one life we have. When it’s over, it will be too late. Don’t let fear win the contest, as what you believe will become the life you have. The dreams we have can propel us forward and elevate us into those higher spheres of wonder and experience, which can enrich and nourish our lives with simple grandeur.

Angus McDonald, 2012