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Native women of South India



Pushpamala N.


1956 -

Clare Arni


1962 -


Three of the images in this series, including the one of the artist posed as Lakshmi, the goddess of plenty, are based on images by the famous Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906; first prize winner at the Vienna Art exhibition 1873, and a symbol of India’s adaptation of Western painting conventions). Another image references the colonial British obsession with ethnographic documentation, specifically an infamous project of a series of photographs of aborigines of the Andaman Islands by Maurice Vidal Portman c.1893 in which natives were placed against a black and white checked background to facilitate anthropometrical measuring. The original series (in the British Library) reflects anthropological studies in the nineteenth century when there developed an obsession with the rigid examination of the physical characteristics of racial distinctions in the subcontinent.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, April 2010.


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Materials used

a,b,c,d,g,h,i,j: type C photograph e,f: gelatin silver photograph


a - Cracking the whip, 55.8 x 37.4 cm, image

a - Cracking the whip, 610 x 507 cm, sheet

b - Returning from the tank, 558 x 344 cm, image

b - Returning from the tank, 610 x 507 cm, sheet

c - Lakshmi, 558 x 344 cm, image

c - Lakshmi, 610 x 507 cm, sheet

d - Flirting, 558 x 422 cm, image

d - Flirting, 610 x 507 cm, sheet

e - Toda, 554 x 422 cm, image

e - Toda, 610 x 507 cm, sheet

f - Criminals, 371 x 558 cm, image

f - Criminals, 504 x 609 cm, sheet

g - Lady in moonlight, 558 x 438 cm, image

g - Lady in moonlight, 610 x 507 cm, sheet

h - Yogini (The Green Yogini), 558 x 438 cm, image

h - Yogini (The Green Yogini), 606 x 506 cm, sheet

i - Circus, 373 x 558 cm, image

i - Circus, 507 x 610 cm, sheet

j - Our Lady of Velankanni, 558 x 374 cm, image

j - Our Lady of Velankanni, 610 x 507 cm, sheet


David Jones Fund 2010


Not on display

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Pushpamala N.

Works in the collection


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Clare Arni

Works in the collection



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