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Cosimo I de' Medici in armour

circa 1545


Agnolo Bronzino


17 Nov 1503 - 23 Nov 1572


Though a sense of surface frigidity characterises everything Bronzino produced, emotional heat underwrites his style. As a pupil and adopted son of perhaps the greatest and strangest of mannerist painters, Jacopo Pontormo, Bronzino graduated to artistic maturity with impeccable credentials in that consciously artificial style. That he asserted his own artistic personality, albeit through a steely formality of technique, testifies to the originality of Bronzino's vision. In this magnificent portrait of his principal patron - a work that exists in many replicas and copies - the painter displays a perfectionism it is hard not to think obsessive. Riven with reflections, highlights and shadows, Cosimo's armour alone is an article of transfixing interest: almost reason enough for the painting. It was Bronzino's habit to concentrate on details of costume, jewellery and decoration, to the extent of conceiving the faces of his ducal sitters as polished stones. Apart from this authoritative example, another celebrated version of the work is found in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

AGNSW Handbook, 1999.


Other Title

Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici in armour


circa 1545

Media category


Materials used

oil on poplar panel


86.0 x 66.8 x 3.5 cm panel; 117.5 x 98.5 x 8.0 cm frame

Signature & date

Not signed. Not dated.


Art Gallery of New South Wales Foundation Purchase 1996

Accession number


Artist information

Agnolo Bronzino

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Exhibition history


Paolo Giovio, 30 Jul 1546-1552, Rome/Italy, Commissioned by the Duke Cosimo I de' Medici for Paolo Giovio's 'Museo', through Pier Francesco Riccio [see letter from Giovio to Riccio, Rome, 30 July 1546, ASF, MDP, vol 1170a, folio 104 recto]. The portrait is then recorded in the catalogue of Giovio's collection published in 1551. The 'Museo' was established on the site of Pliny's villa at Borgovico on Lake Como for Paolo Giovio's collection of illustrious men. It remained in the Giovio family until 1860.

Family Giovio, 1552-1780, Como/Italy, The painting remained in the Giovio family until 1860. Giulio Giovio, 1552–62; Paolo Giovio il Giovane, 1562–85; Ludovico Giovio, 1585–1610 (when the painting is transferred with the rest of the 'Museo' collection to the Palazzo Giovio, Como); Alessandro Giovio, 1610–47; Paolo Giovio, 1647–60; Antonio Giovio, 1660–61; Alessandrio Giovio, 1661–1705; Paolo Giovio, 1705–60; Alessandro Giovio, 1760–80.

Count Paolo Giovio, 1780-1846, Como/Italy, By descent to Count Paolo Giovio in 1780. Bequeathed by him to Giorgio Raimondi Orchi.

Giorgio Raimondi Orchi, 1846-1860, Italy, Bequeathed by Count Paolo Giovio to Giorgio Raimondi Orchi (or de' Orchi) in 1846, whom sold it to Prince Napoléon in 1860.

Napoléon-Jérôme Bonaparte, 1860-10 May 1872, Paris/France, In Palais Royal, Paris, and from 1871, Claridge's, London. Sold at 'Plon-Plon and the Prince Napoleon' sale, Christie's London, 9–11 May 1872, 2nd day, 10 May, no 302. Bought by 'Holl' for £341.6.0 (ie Thomas Holloway & sons), probably for Alfred Morrison.

Holloway & Sons, 10 May 1872, London/England, [dealer/agent] Purchased at 'Plon-Plon and the Prince Napoleon' sale, Christie's London, 9–11 May 1872, 2nd day, 10 May, no 302. Sold to Alfred Morrison (1821–97). Probably Holloway from Holloway & Sons, which, at least from 1864 and 1870, operated at Bedford Street, Covent Garden. Holloway appears to have been acting as agent for Alfred Morrison; other pictures purchased by Holloway later appeared in the Morrison collection [Burlington Mag 1983, p 528 note 6].

Alfred Morrison, post 10 May 1872-22 Dec 1897, Fonthill Gifford/Wiltshire/England, A label verso records the painting hung on the 'no.1 Drawing Room Landing' at Fonthill House on 28 December 1887. By descent to his son Hugh Morrison (1868–1931).

Hugh Morrison, 22 Dec 1897-15 Mar 1931, Fonthill Gifford/Wiltshire/England, By descent from his father Alfred Morrison (1821–97). By descent to his son John Morrison, 1st Baron Margadale of Islay (1906–96).

John Morrison, 15 Mar 1931-26 Nov 1971, Fonthill Gifford/Wiltshire/England, By descent from his father Hugh Morrison (1868–1931). Sold at his (and others') sale, 'Important pictures by old masters', Christie's London, 26 Nov 1971, no 47. Bought by Cyril Humphris [dealer] for 3,000 gns.

Cyril Humphris, 26 Nov 1971, London/England, [dealer] Purchased at Christie's London, 26 Nov 1971, no 47, for 3,000 gns. In a private collection by early 1980s (see Burlington Magazine 1983). Offered at 'Old master and British paintings', Sotheby's London, 5 July 1984, no 255, not sold ['Purchased by Cyril Humphris by whom sold to the present owner']. On loan to the National Gallery, London 1990 ['Anonymous loan']

Private Collection, post 26 Nov 1971, London/England, In a private collection, London, by 1993 [see Janet Cox-Rearick, 'Bronzino's chapel of Eleanora in the Palazzo Vecchio', 1993, p 38]. With Sotheby's New York, Feb 1993 and Simon Dickinson Ltd, London, June 1995.

Olsen Carr Art Dealers, pre 31 Jan 1996, Sydney/New South Wales/Australia, Purchased by the AGNSW from Olsen Carr Art Dealers.

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