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Western art

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John William Waterhouse


06 Apr 1849 - 10 Feb 1917




Media category


Materials used

oil on canvas


208.3 x 134.6 cm stretcher; 249.0 x 177.4 x 17.0 cm frame

Signature & date

Signed and dated l.r., brown paint "J W Waterhouse 1882" .


Purchased 1886

Accession number


Artist information

John William Waterhouse

Works in the collection


Shown in 5 exhibitions

Exhibition history


R.J. Jeffray, pre Apr 1886, Australia, Sold April 1886 through Messrs. Gemmell, Tucket and Co., at Devoirgilla, Toorak, Melbourne.

Henry Wallis, Apr 1886, Purchased by the AGNSW from Henry Wallis 1886

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