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They give evidence



Dadang Christanto

Indonesia, Australia

1957 -


Dadang graduated from the Indonesian Art College, Yogyakarta in 1978, and now lives in Darwin. The focus of his work, whether installations or drawings, is human suffering. His work speaks eloquently for the victims of oppression and social injustice. The larger-than-life male and female figures in this installation represents displaced victims, mutely carrying the bodies of innocent men, women, and children who have been killed: testament to the inhumanity of man to man, a silent monument to communal grief. The work strikes an immediate, primeval chord of empathy, pain and compassion, and is a compelling universal plea against humanity.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, August 2003.


Place where the work was made

Central Java Java Indonesia



Media categories

Sculpture , Installation

Materials used

16 standing figures holding clothes. Figures made from terracotta powder mixed with resin/fibreglass; 22 pieces of clothing made from cloth and resin.


dimensions variable :

a - male figure, 200 cm

b - clothing, 134.6 cm

c - female figure, 190 cm

d - clothing, 106 cm

e - female figure, 190 cm

f - clothing, 125 cm

g - male figure, 200 cm

h - clothing, 147.5 cm

i - male figure, 200 cm

j - clothing, 148 cm

k - female figure, 190 cm

l - clothing, 76 cm

m - child's clothing, 44 cm

n - female figure, 190 cm

o - clothing, 140 cm

p - child's clothing, 44 cm

q - male figure, 200 cm

r - clothing, 126 cm

s - male figure, 200 cm

t - clothing, 129.5 cm, Piece made in 2003

u - child's clothing, 48.5 cm, Piece made in 2003

v - female figure, 190 cm

w - clothing, 111 cm

x - child's clothing, 50 cm

y - female figure, 190 cm

z - clothing, 101.5 cm

aa - male figure, 200 cm

bb - clothing, 138 cm, Piece made in 2003

cc - male figure, 200 cm

dd - clothing, 96.5 cm

ee - child's clothing, 65 cm

ff - female figure, 190 cm

gg - clothing, 143 cm

hh - female figure, 190 cm

ii - clothing, 142 cm

jj - male figure, 200 cm

kk - clothing, 144 cm

ll - clothing


Purchased 2003


Not on display

Accession number


Artist information

Dadang Christanto

Works in the collection



Where the work was made
Central Java

Shown in 2 exhibitions

Exhibition history

Referenced in 19 publications


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