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Pacific art

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Male figure

mid 20th century
collected 1964


Unknown Artist


Other Title

Male decoy figure

Cultural origin

probably Fore people


mid 20th century
collected 1964

Media categories

Mixed media , Sculpture

Materials used

wood, iron nails, feathers, yellow orchid stem fibre (Dendrobium), glass beads, red synthetic pigment, black pigment, nassa shells (Nassarius), pig tusks, coix seeds (Coix lacryma-jobi), black seeds, plant fibre string, barkcloth, split rattan, marsupial fur, looped plant-fibre string, pale red and brown plant dyes, bast fibre, sedge grass


150.0 x 31.0 x 17.0 cm :

a - figure; 150 cm; height

b - barkcloth head adornment; 30 cm; length approx.

c - shell headdress; 31 cm; length

d - pig tusk nose ornament; 12.8 cm; length longest tusk

e - coix seed waist decoration; 18 cm; diameter approx.

f - plant fibre string headdress; 17 cm; length approx.

g - feathered headdress; 31 cm; diameter

h - plaited string waist decoration; 17 cm; diameter

i - grass lap lap; 34 x 25 cm; diameter approx.

j - grass lap lap with double ply string; 25 x 23 cm; length, without handle

k - black bead waist decoration; 20 cm

l - bilum; 31 cm


Purchased 1977


Not on display

Accession number


Shown in 1 exhibition

Exhibition history

Referenced in 2 publications


Tony Tuckson, Aboriginal and Melanesian art, Sydney, 1973. H61

Natalie Wilson (Editor), Plumes and pearlshells: art of the New Guinea highlands, Sydney, 2014, 145 (colour illus.), 163. 87