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An image of Approach to Mundi Mundi by Shaun Gladwell
Alternate image of Approach to Mundi Mundi by Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell

(Australia 1972 – )

Approach to Mundi Mundi
Place of origin
Mundi Mundi plainNew South WalesAustralia
Media categories
Time-based media, DVD
Materials used
HD/DVD, 16:9 ratio, colour, silent, 8:37 min in total Duration: Dawn 03:56; Day 04:42

dimensions variable

Signature & date
Signed Certificate of Authenticity and on DVD masters, ink "Shaun Gladwell". Not dated.
John Kaldor Family Collection at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
Accession number
© Shaun Gladwell. Photo: Josh Raymond
Not on display
Further information

Shaun Gladwell’s video works are predominantly concerned with movement, usually in urban spaces. More recently, however, he has extended his practice into a consideration of landscape and place while retaining his core interest in the movement of bodies through space. A spellbinding sense of quietude permeates his work.

‘Approach to Mundi Mundi’ is part of the ‘MADDESTMAXIMVS’ series – an ongoing body of work that has been presented in various arrangements, including at the 2009 Venice Biennale. In ‘Approach to Mundi Mundi’ a faceless motorbike rider, clad in black leather, travels along the white lines of a highway descending into a barren Australian desert. The composition is radically divided by an unbroken horizon line and vertically segmented by the rider’s upright Christ-like position. Poised on the bike with outstretched arms, he appears to embrace the land before him, his stillness demonstrating a heightened sense of bodily awareness and concentration. Paradoxically moving yet also still, this work figuratively ‘swallows’ time, presenting a type of extended moment.

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Exhibition history (1)

Shaun Gladwell: MADDESTMAXIMVS, Sherman Galleries, Paddington, 30 Nov 2007–22 Dec 2007