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Ramayana in Focus

Visual and Performing Arts of Asia

written by Gauri Parimoo Krishnan

ACM Singapore | ISBN 9789810859718

Paperback – 236 pages


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For more than 2,000 years, the Ramayana the tale of prince Rama's life and exploits has spread across the world and inspired retellings by saints, poets, scholars and performers for generations. In Southeast Asia and East Asia, the story was creatively adapted to reflect local cultures, beliefs and practices. With the global spread of the Indian diaspora, this ancient Epic remains relevant and meaningful even in modern times. This richly illustrated volume captures the fascinating adaptation of the story in different Asian cultures. The twenty essays from reputed international scholars on Ramayana cover a wide range of topics on literary, visual, performing and contemporary arts. The book also has a special focus on characters in the story prince Rama and his foe, Ravana; key female characters such as princess Sita, queens of king Dasharatha and demonesses Tataka and Shurpanakha. This will have enormous appeal to all those interested in Ramayana studies, as well as Asian literature, art and cultural history.

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