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Art of the Bismarck Archipelago

written by Ingrid Heerman

5 Continents Editions | ISBN 9788874396597

Hardback – 200 pages


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This is the first book devoted to the art of the vast South Seas island groups in the Bismarck Archipelago. Named after German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the 19th century and situated on the volcanic Rim of Fire in Western Melanesia, the area is divided into four major geographic and cultural groupings: New Ireland, New Britain, The Admiralty Islands and The Western Islands. The art is ephemeral, most made with natural materials such as plant fiber, light woods, bark cloth and tree pith. It is among the most colourful of Pacific Island arts and the combination of colour, fragility and the temporal purposes for which much of the art was conceived greatly inspired German Expressionist artists and the wider world of Surrealism in the 20th century.

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