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Yves Klein

Works, Writings, Interviews

written by Klaus Ottmann

Poligrafa | ISBN 9788434312104

Hardback – 160 pages


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The career of French artist Yves Klein lasted just eight years (from 1954 to 1962), but in that short span he took Europe by storm. Working in Paris at the height of geometric abstraction and Art Informel, in an intellectual climate dominated by Existentialism, Klein presaged many developments in the postwar avant garde: performance art, Minimalism and Conceptualism (one of his mottoes pronounced, "For color! Against the line and drawing!"). As this volume demonstrates, Klein wrote prolifically, often in the form of manifestos or more ironic texts written to accompany his proto-Conceptual installations. Though Klein is best known for a series of monochromes in his trademark shade, International Klein Blue, his first public showing was of the 1954 artist's book Yves: Peintures, which featured a series of monochromes created in response to cities where he had lived, as a play on the traditional art exhibition catalogue. The medium of the book is consequently an ideal place in which to encounter his art and thought.

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