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Colour Management

written by John T Drew, Sarah Meyer

Rotovision | ISBN 9782888930181

Paperback – 224 pages


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The information age has created unparalleled opportunities for graphic designers to showcase their work across a variety of media. However, digital technology has often denied access to the deep colour expertise that has been developed by generations of artists and designers working with physical media. Color Management is a unique, one-stop resource for designers and graphic artists in every field of visual communication, whether they are working in print, interactive, environmental, or web-based design. The book explains all the technical issues that are relevant to communicating with colour, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments, and in still and moving images.This books arms designers with the in-depth technical information they need about colour theory, colour systems, mixing, removal, pigments, inks, papers, and printing, and explains how human beings perceive and react to colour in every aspect of their daily lives. By unlocking expertise and demystifying theory, this book opens the door to new and bold uses of colour that communicate and entertain.

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