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His Girls

written by Julie Chevalier

Puncher & Wattmann | ISBN 9781921450648



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Henry Darger was an untrained artist and a social isolate who was obsessed with little girls. When he died in Chicago in 1973 at the age of 81, his work was completely unknown. Now his work is hung in major international art galleries and his innovative use of materials places him in the pop art milieu. The poems in this book tell the story of his life.

What the critics said about Linen Tough As History: “Chevalier demonstrates a love of the comic and an admirable facility for wordplay. She revels in finding odd junctures, in coming at her subjects sidelong and with a raised eyebrow. Her style is fresh, incisive and she has a deft ability to nuance her poems with an impressive tonal range and an eye for weird personal and social milieus, finding imagery and syntax to match.” – Judith Beveridge

“Chevalier’s fine-tuned ear makes her poems enjoyably fluent and direct, their observational stance driven by restless interest in the world around her and its linguistic and formal mediation.” – Kate Lilley

Artist: Henry Darger

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