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Painting Ghosts Australian Women Artists in Wartime

written by Catherine Speck

Craftsman House | ISBN 9781877004223



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Examines the art and life stories of numerous women in the Second World War including Grace Cossington Smith, Dora Meeson, Margaret Preston, Jacqui Hicks, Dorrit Black and Amie Kingston. Some women became official war artists producing an alternative setof national images every bit as compelling as those of their male counterparts. Painting Ghosts examines the important contribution of Australian women artists to our understanding of Australia's experience of war, both on the home front and abroad. By considering war from this female perspective Catherine Speck provides new insights into such issues as patriotism, citizenship and women's and men's roles in war, dispelling myths along the way. Artists' letters and official correspondence are woven into this fascinating account, as is popular imagery of the time.

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