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Portraits First Discovery Art

written by Claude Delafosse, Jeunesse Gallimard, T Ross

illustrated by T Ross

Moonlight Publishing | ISBN 9781851031986

Hardback – 38 pages


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Watch fruit become a face painted by Archimboldo. How did Rembrandt print his self-portrait? Which is the most famous portrait?
Kindergarten-Grade 2.This series introduce children to great works of art through a playful, accessible style. Brightly coloured transparent overlays on heavy, slick paper are used as a means of presenting techniques. The simple questions and statements invite youngsters to view the pieces from different perspectives. The books conclude with a gallery tour of title-topic paintings and sculptures with a border of cartoon-character museum visitors at the bottom. The final double-page spread shows details of the fine art seen in the previous pages and asks readers to determine the works that they belong to. This game format is a nonthreatening art experience for the very young, while serving as a jumping-off place for older children. The quality of the colour reproductions is consistently high.

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