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Stick Great Moments in Art History Film and More

written by Jeffrey Metzner

Arum Press | ISBN 9781845132965

Hardback – 176 pages


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Each of Jeffrey Metzner's brilliant matchstick drawings depicts a famous painting, a key moment from history, an iconic scene from a well-known movie or a classic children's story. All the reader has to do is to identify the original (the answers are all given in the back of the book). Despite their deceptive simplicity, the drawings are extremely sophisticated and witty demonstrations of the way in which an accomplished draftsman can capture the essentials of a scene using only the most basic graphic elements. They are also terrific fun. The "Guardian" is currently running a weekly competition based on STICK in its "Saturday" magazine. It is a joy for anyone who appreciates graphic art at its most elegant and economical. It is a witty set of visual puzzles that will test your knowledge of art, history, film and literature. It is currently running as a weekly feature in the "Guardian's Saturday" magazine.

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