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New Markets for Artists

How to Sell Fund Projects and Exhibit Using Social Media DIY Pop Ups Ebay Kickstarter and Much More

written by Brainard Carey

Allworth Press | ISBN 9781581159134

Paperback – 256 pages


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Artists living in the new millennium must create new models for exhibitions and sales. They must also be aware of new modes of communication, from occupying un-rented space to social networking and the latest mobile phone apps. How we share visual information is radically shifting, and artists can benefit from all of these new tools. In this hyper-competitive world, the latest software and hardware, as it applies to creativity and promotion, is part of a language you must be conversant in. This book is like a language course that is meant to enhance your ability to communicate your art and creative ideas to the world. Finally, this book works as a course (downloadable syllabus available) and as a companion volume to Carey's recent book, "Making It in the Art World".

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