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Designers Ultimate Index

written by Jim Krause

How to Books Ltd | ISBN 9781440309144

Paperback – 984 pages


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In this handy case, you'll find three bestselling books from designer, photographer and illustrator Jim Krause. They contain all the inspiration you'll need to come up with brilliant new design solutions.

Layout Index: Break through design dilemmas to create eye-catching layouts with ease. Layout Index contains hundreds of visual and written idea generators for bold graphics and creative solutions that can be used to design stunning brochures, ads, web pages, stationery, posters, flyers and more.

Colour Index, Revised Edition: With more than 1,100 color combinations, updated RGB formulas, and downloadable digital swatches, Colour Index, Revised Edition makes picking the perfect color scheme more efficient than ever before. Palettes can be imported into a variety of programs, including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Type Idea Index: Type Idea Index features 650+ custom-created examples of typography and type-intensive design, organized according to the theme they express (energy, elegance, order, rebellion, etc.) and the real-world application they relate to (initials, monograms, logos, headlines, paragraphs, etc.).

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