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Percy and TumTum

A tale of Two Dogs

written by Jen Hill

Running Press | ISBN 9780762444298

Hardback – 32 pages


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TumTum is the most cushy and cuddly dog in the town. His new family adores him when they bring him home--all except for Percy, the family's "other "dog. TumTum knows lots of tricks, has a beautiful white fluffy coat, and even receives the Pet of the Year award. Jealous of TumTum's adoring fans, Percy hatches a brilliant plan to make TumTum less cute (which happens to involve a haircut). But not soon after, Percy finds himself quite disappointed when everyone in town loves TumTum's new 'do, and it becomes an emerging trend! There are many lessons for Percy to learn, including making friends with new dogs is way more fun than being the odd dog out. Jen Hill's illustrations feature retro-styled art--some done in black-and-white--which is perfectly fitting for her charming story about two dogs with clashing personalities. Just like bringing a new baby home from the hospital to a less than enthusiastic sibling, children with younger brothers and sisters will certainly relate to this delightful picture book.

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