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Material World

written by Perri Lewis

Virgin Books | ISBN 9780753540657

Paperback – 224 pages


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In the often sedate world of crafting, one feisty voice stands - that of Perri Lewis. Tired of the clichés often trotted out about craft, Perri makes it her task to bring the world of making into the 21st century.

In Material World, Perri enlists the help of some of the world's top crafters - including Stitch & Bitch's Debbie Stoller, Lisa Stickley and jewelers Tatty Devine - who share their knowledge on their individual crafts, from screen printing to paper-cutting, dress-making to découpage. With the compiled words of wisdom of these experts, and Perri's own timeless advice, you'll be inspired to take on the 21 projects that Perri has put together to get you (metaphorically) up and 'running with scissors'.

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