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Colouring Clay

written by Jo Connell

A & C Black Publishing | ISBN 9780713676280

Paperback – 96 pages

Part of the Ceramics Handbooks series.


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This is a handbook on how to introduce colour into clay, and various methods of working with coloured clay. It briefly covers natural colour found in clays and how to use this to best advantage. It thoroughly looks at colouring your own clay through adding stains and oxides, and the various methods of preparing clay and slips, as well as how to blend properly and repeat results consistently. It looks at a range of making techniques using coloured clays (with specific ceramic artists as examples), including coiling and pinching with colours, marbling and agate, using moulds to create neriage or millefiori, textural effects, inlaying, sprigging and slipcasting. Each technique shows how various artists put it to use, with step by step sequences where needed, and displays finished pieces for further inspiration.

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