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The Passionate Photographer

Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great

written by Steve Simon

New Riders Press | ISBN 9780321719898

Paperback – 264 pages

Part of the Voices That Matter series.


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If you've got a love and passion for photography, a feel for your camera gear and settings, yet your images still fall short The Passionate Photographer will help you close that disappointing and frustrating gap between the images you thought you took and the images you actually got.

This book will encourage you to determine what you want to say with your photography, then translate those thoughts and feelings into strong images. It is both a source of inspiration and a practical guide, as photographer Steve Simon distills 30 years of photographic obsession into the ten crucial steps every photographer needs to become great at their passion.

Simon's practical tips and advice are immediately actionable-- designed to accelerate your progress toward becoming the photographer you know you can be. Along the way, Simon offers inspiration with "Lessons Learned" culled from his own extensive experience and archive of photojournalism and personal projects as well as images and stories from acclaimed photographers.

If you're ready to be inspired and challenge yourself to take your photography to the next level, The Passionate Photographer provides ideas and creative solutions to transform that passion into images that convey your unique personal vision.

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