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Leonardos Legacy

How Da Vinci Reimagined the World

written by Stefan Klein

Da Capo Press Inc | ISBN 9780306820083

Paperback – 253 pages


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By the international best-selling author of "The Science of Happiness" and "The Secret Pulse of Time", here comes a fresh exploration of Da Vinci's real 'code' - science. Revered today as perhaps the greatest of Renaissance painters, Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist at heart. The artist who created the Mona Lisa also designed functioning robots and digital computers, constructed flying machines, and built the first heart valve. His intuitive and ingenious approach - a new mode of thinking - linked highly diverse areas of inquiry in startling new ways, and ushered in a new era. In "Leonardo's Legacy", award-winning science journalist Stefan Klein deciphers the forgotten contributions of this universal genius and persuasively demonstrates that we still have much to learn from his way of thinking. Klein sheds light on the mystery behind da Vinci's paintings, takes us through the many facets of his fascination with water, and explains the true significance of his dream of flying. It is a unique glimpse into the complex and brilliant mind of this inventor, scientist, and pioneer of a new worldview, with profound consequences for our times.

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci

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