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Advanced Homework For Grown-Ups

written by Beth Coates, Elizabeth Foley

Random House | ISBN 9780224086349

Hardback – 368 pages


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If you paid attention to Homework for Grown-ups you should hopefully now have a grasp of the basics: know your chiasmus from your zeugma, your obliques from your acutes, and your Anne of Cleves from your Anne Boleyn.

Advanced Homework for Grown-ups will revisit and refresh the core subjects of Maths, English, Science, Geography, History and Classics in a little more depth. This time, amongst other topics, they tackle logarithms, unlock the secrets of semantics, and explore the Agrarian Revolution, with a mix of really useful information and entertainingly esoteric material. Packed with fun practical excercises and, of course, examination papers for the more competitive!

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