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The Book of Complete Nonsense

written by Various

Vintage | ISBN 9780099582663



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Come bathe in stew, and dine on meals of eels or worms or jellied gnats,
See shoes and ships and sealing wax and fuzzy bears and owls and cats,
Depart for the Land where the Bong Tree grows or the Land of Bumbley Boo
Find sky in your pie and teatrays up on high and a place where mice say moo.
But be warned of the things that lurk and linger, the creatures that snatch and shock
Be sure to bamboozle the Blunderbat and beware the Jabberwock!

If rhymes and riddles your brain have fried
For shame! then set this book aside,
But daring children, more courageous,
Will take a peek inside these pages...

Includes exclusive material: In the Backstory you can about the different sorts of nonsense and read Michael Rosen’s tips on how to write your own!

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