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Other galleries & art societies archives

The archive at the Art Gallery of NSW has informally collected papers from artists, art societies and commercial galleries since the 1960s.

We currently hold the records from several commercial galleries and art societies, as listed below.

For more detailed information about what each archive contains, see the library’s online catalogue. Go to advanced search under 'search holdings’, type in 'papers’ in the title field and select 'archive’ in the collection field.

For information about accessing these records at the Gallery, see Visiting the archive.


  • AKKY VAN OGTROP Sydney MS2012.11 One box of records
  • AUSTRALIAN FINE ARTS GALLERY, Sydney MS2004.3 Eight boxes of records
  • AUSTRALIAN GALLERIES, Sydney MS1995.11 Ten boxes of records
  • BARRY STERN GALLERY, Sydney MS1994.2 Twelve boxes of records
  • BLOOMFIELD GALLERIES, Sydney MS2005.5 Twenty-two boxes of records
  • COVENTRY GALLERY, Sydney MS2004.5 Twenty-three boxes of records
  • CLUNE GALLERY, Sydney MS2012.1 One folder of records; MS2012.2 [included in the Frank McDonald archive] Fifty boxes of records
  • DAVID JONES ART GALLERY, Sydney MS2012.3 One hundred boxes of records
  • GALLERY A, Sydney MS2007.6 Thirty boxes of records
  • GARRY ANDERSON GALLERY, Sydney MS2001.6 Twenty-nine boxes of records
  • GROSVENOR GALLERIES, Sydney MS1985.1 Two box of records
  • HELEN MCEWEN GALLERY, Sydney MS2002.4 Three boxes of records
  • JOSEF LEBOVIC GALLERY, Sydney MS2009.17 Six boxes
  • LEGGE GALLERY, Sydney MS2012.5 Twenty boxes of records
  • MACQUARIE GALLERIES, Sydney MS1995.9 Eleven boxes of records; MS2003.4 [AS] Two hundred and fifty boxes of records
  • NOTANDA GALLERY, Sydney MS2005.7 Twenty-five boxes of records
  • PAINTERS GALLERY Sydney MS2012.10 Three boxes of records
  • REX IRWIN ART DEALER Sydney MS2012.12 Ninety boxes of records
  • RUBERY BENNETT GALLERY, Sydney MS2004.3 Eight boxes of records
  • SCULPTURE CENTRE, Sydney MS2011.11 One box of slides
  • SEDON GALLERIES, Melbourne MS1995.5 Two boxes of records
  • STUART ART CENTRE, Alice Springs MS2000.7 One box of records
  • THIRTY VICTORIA STREET, Sydney MS2012.2 One hundred and twenty boxes of records
  • WATTERS GALLERY, Sydney MS2004.7 Thirty-nine boxes of records

Art societies

  • AUSTRALIAN WATERCOLOUR INSTITUTE MS2002.6 Three boxes of records.
  • SA PARKER FRAMING WORKS MS2001.10 Forty-nine boxes of records.
  • SOCIETY OF ARTISTS MS2002.7 Fifteen boxes of records.
  • SYDNEY CAMERA CIRCLE MS1977.1 Fifteen boxes of papers.
  • SYDNEY PRINTMAKERS MS2005.2 Twenty-nine boxes of records.

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