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Artists archives

The archive at the Art Gallery of NSW has informally collected papers from artists, art societies and commercial galleries since the 1960s.

We currently hold the archives of a significant number of artists, as listed below.

For more detailed information about what each archive contains, see the library’s online catalogue. Go to advanced search under 'search holdings’, type in 'papers’ in the title field and select 'archive’ in the collection field.

For information about accessing these archives at the Gallery, see Visiting the archive.


  • AARONS, Anita MS2003.3 Nineteen boxes of papers
  • ABBOTT, Harold MS1999.8 One box of papers
  • ABBOTT, Mary MS1993.1 One volume of papers
  • ABOLINS, Uldis MS2002.2 One folder of papers
  • ALLEN, Mary Cecil MS2005.6 Two folders of papers
  • APPLETON, Jean MS1995.3 Six boxes of papers
  • ATYEO, Sam MS2008.10 Two boxes of papers
  • BACKEN, Earle MS2007.8 Six boxes of papers
  • BADHAM, Herbert MS1997.7 One box of papers
  • BALDESSIN, George MS2012.8 One box of records
  • BARRON, Howard MS1995.7 One box of papers
  • BELLETTE, Jean MS2008.2 Four boxes of papers
  • BENNETT, Rubery MS2004.3 Eight boxes of papers
  • BERESFORD, Flora MS2007.7 Six boxes of papers
  • BIRCH, Stephen MS2008.6 Eighteen boxes of papers
  • BORLASE, Nancy MS1999.4 Three boxes of papers
  • BOSTOCK, Cecil MS2011.4 Twelve boxes of records
  • BOYD, Arthur MS1994.5 One folder of letters
  • BOWMAN, Myril MS2009.11 One folder of papers
  • BRAUND, Dorothy MS2009.16 Fourteen boxes of papers
  • BROWN, Alan MS2006.10 Six boxes of papers
  • BRUCE, Janna MS2000.12 One volume of papers
  • BRUCK, Hermann MS2004.9 One folder of papers
  • BURGESS, Ruth MS2006.8 Two boxes of papers
  • BUNNY, Rupert MS2009.18 One folder of letters
  • CADDY, Winifred MS2001.7 One folder of papers
  • CAMPBELL, Robert MS1999.2 Eight boxes of papers
  • CAPON, Ann MS2000.17 Sketchbook
  • CATO, Jack MS2008.4 One folder of correspondence
  • CAZNEAUX, Harold MS2006.3 One folder of papers; MS2011.10 One presentation album
  • COBURN, John MS1999.16 Seven boxes of papers
  • COLLOCOTT, Michele MS2008.7 Ten boxes of papers
  • COMMONS, Donald MS2001.4 One folder of papers
  • CONDOR, Charles MS2003.6 Letter, 1898
  • CORRINGHAM, Mary MS1998.1 One folder of papers
  • COTTON, Olive MS2000.4 One box of papers
  • CROWLEY, Grace MS1980.1 Twenty boxes of papers
  • CULLEN, Adam MS2012.7 Two boxes of records
  • DALGARNO, Roy MS2002.10 Two boxes of papers
  • DIGBY, Desmond MS2000.10 One box of papers
  • DOCKING, Shay MS1998.2 Five boxes of papers
  • DUNCAN, George Scrapbook
  • DUNDAS, Douglas MS1997.7 Eight boxes of papers
  • DUPAIN, Max MS2000.3 Ten boxes of papers
  • EDWARDS, Mary MS2009.8 One box of papers
  • EWART, Joy MS1995.6 Three boxes of papers
  • FAIRWEATHER, Ian MS1993.2 Three folders of letters
  • FEUERRING, Maximilian MS2004.2 One box of records
  • FINEY, George MS2006.2 Two boxes of papers
  • FREEMAN, Arthur MS1999.17 Two boxes of papers
  • FRIEND, Donald MS1997.3 One volume: Sales Book, June 1940 – July 1942; MS1999.6 One box and three folders of papers; MS2006.5 Postcards; Photograph album
  • FULLBROOK, Sam MS2005.4 Nine boxes of papers
  • GIBBONS, Henry MS1972.2 Album of photographs
  • GILBERT, James MS1999.20 One folder of papers
  • GILLILAND, Hector MS2011.18 Fifteen boxes of records
  • GOLDFINCH, Nancy MS1999.12 One box of papers
  • GREEN, Tom MS2008.3 One folder of papers
  • GREENING, H Leonard MS2005.3 One folder of papers
  • GRUNER, Elioth MS2007.5 Three folders of papers
  • HAVEKES, Gerard MS2009.15 One folder of papers
  • HAWKINS, Weaver MS1994.3 Six boxes of papers
  • HEPPER, Judy MS2010.4 Three boxes of records
  • HERMANN, Sali MS2000.2 Six boxes of papers
  • HEYSEN, Hans MS1999.9 One folder of correspondence
  • HILL, Jean MS1996.2 Three folders of papers
  • HINDER, Frank MS1995.1 Fifty-seven boxes of papers
  • HINDER, Margel MS1995.2 Eight boxes of papers
  • HOWLETT, Leonora MS2001.8 One box of papers
  • HUMPHREYS, Jennifer MS1998.5 Four boxes of papers
  • INSON, Graeme MS2004.10 Twenty-seven boxes of papers
  • ISHERWOOD, Jean MS1997.2 Two boxes of papers
  • JAMES, Louis MS2005.8 Two boxes of papers
  • JESSUP, Fred MS2002.8 Three boxes of papers
  • JOHNSON, Mark MS1994.4 Three boxes of papers
  • JOHNSON, Tim MS2012.6 Five folders of records
  • JONES, Paul MS2000.9 One box of papers
  • KILGOUR, Jack Noel MS2010.2 One box of diaries
  • KINGSTON, Amy MS1997.1 Eight boxes of papers
  • KLINGER, Max MS1986.2 One box of papers
  • LANGE, Eleonore MS1990.1 Four boxes of papers
  • LARTER, Patricia MS1991.1 Fifty-one boxes of papers
  • LARTER, Richard MS1995.4 Sixty boxes of papers
  • LESSLIE, Jeannie Mabel One folder of papers
  • LEWIS, Charles MS2010.4 Three boxes of records
  • LONG, Sydney MS2003.8 One folder of papers
  • LOWE, Maurice MS1999.19 One box of papers
  • LYMBURNER, Francis MS1997.4 Drawing presentation volume, 1960; MS1999.11 Twelve boxes of papers
  • LYNN, Elwyn MS1997.5 Thirty-two boxes of papers
  • McCLINTOCK, Herbert MS2001.5 Two boxes of papers
  • McDONALD, Sheila MS1992.1 Three boxes of papers
  • McGILLICK, Tony MS2003.5 One box of papers
  • McINTYRE, Arthur MS2012.9 Twenty boxes of records
  • McNAMARA, Frank MS2000.11 Six boxes of papers
  • MADIGAN, Rosemary MS2000.16 One box of papers
  • MAISTRE, Roy de MS1999.12 Objects from his studio; MS2009.7 Folder of works related to colour music
  • MEDWORTH, Frank MS2001.9 One box of papers
  • MILLER, Harry Tatlock MS2001.2 Press clipping book, 1940–47
  • MILLISS, Ian MS2009.1 One folder of exhibition proposals
  • MISSINGHAM, Hal MS2008.9 One folder of papers
  • MOORE, Albert F MS1999.10 Photograph albums
  • MOORE, John D MS2011.3 One folder of letters
  • MORLEY, Lewis MS2007.4 Two boxes of papers
  • MURCH, Arthur MS1999.3 Fourteen boxes of papers
  • NIMMO, Lorna MS2000.14 Scrapbook, 1940–92
  • NOLAN, Lorna MS2000.1 Journal, 1952
  • NOLAN, Sidney. Photograph album; MS2011.12 One box of records
  • OLDFIELD, Alan MS2005.1 Fifteen boxes of papers
  • OLLEY, Margaret MS2011.16 Ten boxes of records
  • PAISLEY, Janelle MS2007.2 Three folders of papers
  • PALMER, Ethleen MS2000.5 One folder of papers
  • PARAMOR, Wendy MS2001.1 One box of papers
  • PASSMORE, John MS1986.1 One box of papers
  • PLAPP, Jon MS2009.4 Three boxes of papers
  • PLATE, Carl MS2006.1 Three folders of papers
  • POCKLEY, Lesley MS2003.1 Two boxes of papers
  • POIGNANT, Axel MS2006.7 Diaries
  • PRESTON, Margaret MS1963.1 Fourteen boxes of papers
  • PROCTOR, Thea MS1999.7 Seven boxes of papers
  • QUIGLEY, Audrey MS2003.2 One box of papers
  • REES, Lloyd MS2006.6 One folder of papers
  • REHFISCH, Alison MS2007.3 Five boxes of papers; scrapbook
  • RICKARDS, Jocelyn MS2004.6 Two boxes of papers
  • RITCHARD, Edgar MS2011.1 Twelve boxes of records
  • RIDLEY, Gwen MS1999.14 Four boxes of papers
  • RILEY, Michael AIAA2006.2 Three boxes of papers
  • ROBERTS, Tom MS1997.6 An illustrated letter
  • ROXBURGH, Rachel MS1996.1 Twenty-two boxes of papers
  • RUSSELL, Elsa MS20131 One box of records
  • SEARLE, Edward William D MS1977.2 Draft of book, c1950
  • SEIDLER, Harry MS2002.11 Four boxes of papers
  • SMART, Jeffrey MS1998.3 Two volumes of correspondence
  • SMITH, Joshua MS1999.15 Fifteen boxes of papers
  • SPARKS, Cameron MS2011.6 Five boxes of records
  • SPARKS, Peter MS2008.1 Two folders of papers
  • SPRATT, Margaret McLellan MS2011.9 Two boxes of records
  • STEPHENS, Ethel MS2000.8 Scrapbook, 1890–1912
  • STRACHAN, David MS1973.1 Sixteen boxes of papers
  • SZABO, Joseph MS2004.1 Thirteen boxes of papers
  • TELIGA, Stan de MS1997.8 One box of papers
  • THOMSON, Ann MS2006.4 Thirteen boxes of papers
  • THOMSON, Nigel MS2012.13 Three folders of records
  • THORNHILL, Dorothy MS1997.7 Eight boxes of papers
  • TIPPING, Richard MS1994.1 Four boxes of papers
  • TOWNSHEND, Geoffrey Keith MS2009.14 Four boxes of papers
  • TRIBE, Barbara MS2009.10 Eight boxes of papers
  • TUCKSON, Tony MS1995.8 Thirty-three boxes of papers
  • TWIGG, Tony MS1990.2 Folder of papers related to the exhibition at Ray Hughes in 1990: On a hiding to nothing
  • URE SMITH, Sydney MS2009.6 Folder of papers
  • WALKER, Robert MS2008.5 Twenty boxes of papers
  • WATKINS, JS MS1983.1 One folder of papers
  • WEBB, Mary MS2012.4 Three folders of records
  • WHISSON, Ken MS1999.18 One box of papers
  • WHITELEY, Brett MS1996.3 Four pieces of unconnected correspondence; MS2000.13 Two boxes of papers related to the exhibition Paris: regard de côté
  • WICKS, Arthur MS2006.9 Three boxes of papers
  • WIENHOLT, Anne MS2002.9 One folder of papers
  • WITHERS, Walter MS2003.7 Letter, 1910
  • ZUSTERS, Reinis MS2002.1 Twelve boxes of papers

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