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An image of Dawnbreakers by Herbert McClintock

Herbert McClintock

(Australia 20 Nov 1906 – 16 Apr 1985)

Media category
Materials used
oil on canvas on hardboard

50.7 x 74.5 cm board; 67.0 x 90.7 x 5.2 cm frame

Signature & date
Signed and dated l.l. corner, beige oil "MAX EBERT 39".
Purchased 1969
Accession number
© Estate of Herbert McClintock
Not on display
Further information

The painting portrays many people awakening in the morning hours of a city’s life; the white surf of their consciousness riding the crest of the vast waves of the mind’s sea as it breaks upon the sands of the morning; and the first objects of the real world – alarm clocks, breakfast trays, trains to be caught – impinge upon dreams and bring an awareness of the passing of time. Something of the illimitable reaches of the mind, and its retention of not only infantile experiences, but also age-old remnants washed up from the ocean-deeps of man’s existence as a social being, are indicated by the strange negroid and Easter Island-like statues that stand beyond the crest of the farthest waves; islanded in the waters of a dream-world, from which men sail back downwards to consciousness and the necessities of a new day.

Bernard Smith, 1945

Bibliography (2)

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Exhibition history (1)

Artists as Social Commentators and Activists 1946-2006: