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An image of The Spanish lovers, model by Meissen
Alternate image of The Spanish lovers, model by Meissen


(Germany 1710 – )

The Spanish lovers, model
circa 1740
Media category
Materials used
hard-paste porcelain

18.0 x 19.0 x 11.6 cm

On loan from Kenneth Reed
Accession number
15th–19th c European art
Further information

Modelled by Kändler c1740–41. The group was possibly inspired by Pierre Filloeul’s engraving after Jean-Baptiste Pater’s painting ‘The kiss (Le baiser donné)’ of 1736. The figures are sometimes identified as Beltrame and Columbine from the commedia dell’arte, but they lack appropriate attributes. The group was described in factory documents as ‘Spanish’ and has generally been known as the Spanish lovers. The man is perhaps in Spanish stage dress, but the figures are probably intended to be courtiers in masquerade costume rather than actors. As in a fête galante by Watteau they enact a scene from the theatre of life.

Bibliography (1)

Richard Beresford, Eighteenth - Century European Porcelain in the Kenneth Reed collection, Sydney, 2012, 24 (colour illus.). 19

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