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An image of Roi soleil by Ian Fairweather

Ian Fairweather

(Scotland, Australia 29 Sep 1891 – 20 May 1974)

Roi soleil
Media category
Materials used
gouache on paperboard on hardboard

99.0 x 72.5 cm board; 101.4 x 85.8 x 7.7 cm frame

Signature & date
Signed and dated l.l. corner, "IF [monogram, grey gouache] 57 [pencil]/ ...".
Purchased 1957
Accession number
© Ian Fairweather/DACS. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney
20th & 21st c Australian art
Further information

Painting to me is something of a tightrope act; it is between representation and the other thing – whatever that is. It is difficult to keep one’s balance.

Ian Fairweather, 1963

The central figure of the boy king in 'Roi soleil' asserts his divine status with the gesture of his hand. His image reappears in successive layers on the board, emphasising his presence and authority. The bottom half of the composition
suggests the subject is seated on a buffalo.

The first of Ian Fairweather’s large paintings, 'Roi soleil' was painted in the summer of 1956 when he had just finished building himself a new hut on Bribie Island which, though primitive, greatly improved his living conditions.

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