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An image of Cremorne pastoral by Arthur Streeton

Arthur Streeton

(Australia, England, Australia 08 Apr 1867 – 01 Sep 1943)

Cremorne pastoral
Place of origin
SydneyNew South WalesAustralia
Media category
Materials used
oil on canvas

91.5 x 137.2 cm stretcher; 89.5 x 135.0 cm sight edge; 143.5 x 189.0 x 8.0 cm frame

Signature & date
Signed and dated l.l., brown oil "Arthur StrEEton / ... 1895".
Purchased 1895
Accession number
19th c Australian art
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Sydney Harbour: an exhibition to mark the 175th anniversary of the founding of Australia (1963), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 30 Oct 1963–19 Nov 1963

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