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An image of The snake charmer by Nasreddine Dinet

Nasreddine Dinet

(France 28 Mar 1861 – 24 Dec 1929)

The snake charmer
Alternative title:
Le charmeur de viperes
Media category
Materials used
oil on canvas

176.5 x 180.4 cm

Signature & date
Signed and dated l.l., yellow oil "E. DINET / ...1889".
Purchased 1890
Accession number
19th & 20th c European art
Further information

Another of the prolofic technicians of late nineteenth-century art, Dinet was a French-born painter-illustrator, with a penchant for attention-seeking titles and striking technical effects are exploited in 'The snake charmer', an orientalist painting that doubles as a touristic postcard. Exotic in its geo-graphical setting and sensational in its subject matter, it further trades on scale as a strategy to arrest the viewer. The figures are large and brilliantly coloured, seeming to spill into the gallery space. The charmer himself is consciously that, with a toothy smile and 'authentic' costume. Also noteworthy is the treatment of bright sunlight which Dinet translates into broad applications of impasto paint with practised, not to say formulaic, ease. No real attempt is made to create a composition. Rather, the cropped casualness of a photograph is suggested.

AGNSW Handbook, 1999.

Provenance (1)

Paris Salon, Paris/France, Purchased by the AGNSW from the Paris Salon 1890

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Exhibition history (7)

Salon de 1890, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1890–1890

Paris Salon, 1890, Paris Salon, Paris, 1890–1890

Loan collections of oil paintings:

Exhibition of Continental Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Nov 1940–Dec 1940

An exhibition of French art at the National Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 04 Oct 1944–31 Oct 1944

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